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Discussion in 'Wanting to Buy' started by NomadWill, Aug 19, 2017.

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  1. NomadWill

    NomadWill Expert Member

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    I enjoy reading quite a bit, so I'm looking to purchase any sort of Survival Type books. So if you're looking to empty up a bookshelf or two, I'm your guy!

    ~Thanks in Advance!
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  2. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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  3. AuntB

    AuntB Active Member

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    Personally I prefer books but I rarely give books away. For those with a Kindle or have the Kindle app, here is a site that has many free or cheap PAW or survival based books.


    Sorry may be off topic but thought I would share.
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  4. NomadWill

    NomadWill Expert Member

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    Thank you Keith, will definitely add this to my collect on payday! ^^

    I always have my Kindle nearby AuntB, an unlimited amount of books, the best time killer, Thank you I'll definitely check this out.
  5. Lydia Lucinda

    Lydia Lucinda New Member

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    HI there. I'm new here but I just found a very interesting book series myself-on all topics-was surprised that wild lettuce is a natural pain killer! it seems like it has a lot of info so I'm passing it on. The link: http://9bdd3dgjw3xauoebve8jdp1kb3.hop.clickbank.net/
  6. NomadWill

    NomadWill Expert Member

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    Hey, Thanks i appreciate it!
  7. blade_foxhollow

    blade_foxhollow Expert Member

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    Will I am unsure what your collection consist of but I recommend looking into the foxfire series if you haven't already. Tons of great info. Some amusing stories as well.
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  8. Tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed Expert Member

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    There is a website called Bookgorilla.com, and it is free to sign up for an account there. Once you register, you can select the categories of ebooks that you are interested in (both fiction and non-fiction), and each day they will send you a list of free or inexpensive books on the subjects that you have chosen, and that are on sale on Amazon at the Kindle Store.

    I have added quite a few books that are about homesteading, solar power, gardens, farming, trailersteading, as well as hobbies like knitting and crocheting books .
    I also have found some great books for health and diet information, as well as for making things like pickles (and other fermented foods), sourdough, yogurt, and many other kinds of homesteading recipes.

    Every day, Amazon puts new books on for free for a few days, and you can either check each day to see what new ones are available, or you can use a website like Book Gorilla, which does the checking for you.
    You can also enter the daily drawing for a new free Kindle Fire while you are checking out the new ebooks they send you information about.

    Once I get the new books, I add them into the Kindle “Collections”, section, and that way, it is really simple to find which book (which topic) that you want to find without having to scroll all of the way through pages and pages of your Kindle Library.
    I just have to look at the collection for homesteading, or health foods, or whatever collection I have filed that book under, and it saves a lot of time and hunting for a particular book this way.
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