Watching Cities Burn

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humor' started by LastOutlaw, Jun 14, 2020.

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    Democrats burning down their own living environment is fine with me . What concerns me is their racist attitude of wanting to pillage rural areas where there are more white people . The South Africa genocide of white skinned people is now taking root in other countries as black skinned people are showing who the real racist are . There are a lot of decent black skinned people , don't get me wrong . But groups of blacks are voicing their hatred toward other races , Even wanting light skinned people to pay them huge sums of money simply because they are dark skinned . --- A vast migration of people are leaving these Democrat cites , businesses and tax revenue are leaving with them . Not only are they destroying their living environment , they are casting their children and children's children that remain in these Democrat Cites in a future of deepening poverty . In a year or two they will probably on some other country's television be showing these failed democrat city residence looking pitiful and asking people to donate money to these impoverished individuals that burned down their own city . ---- Do you guys remember that tv commercial from a few years back showing those pitiful looking black people that wanted a donation of bottled water because they had peed and craped in their own water supply and now it didn't taste good ?
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    I don't care one bit if they want to burn their cities, however the working class will have to pay for it. I care about that.
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    Unwanted communities being burned by the unappreciative. Must not have worked for it. You appreciate what you work for.

    Karma sucks if your stupid!

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