Ways to Make Traps and Hunt Food

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    In a survival situation, hunting and fishing can be an essential part of how you provide food for yourself or group. It will be very hard however to catch food by hand unless you are some sort of superhuman. Making some simple tools or weapons to assist you in capturing food and killing it is a great skill to know. You don't have to get complicated and build a Wiley Coyote kind of contraption or make sophisticated works of art for weaponry to hunt and fish.
    If you are trying to hunt small game, you will need some kind of a weapon. One of the most simple weapons to construct is a sphere. Most likely you will not have luck checking your spear and successfully killing game you will have to use it like an extended knife to stab at game. Spears can be made by finding any piece of long wood or metal. Sharpening the end of it to a fine point so that it sticks into whatever you throw it at will give you a weapon that can assist you in hunting.

    If you need to make a quick and easy fishing pole one can be done like this as well. If you have basic fishing tackle, then this process will be even simpler. Given that you have tackle such as line, hooks, weights, and things of that nature all you will need to find is a bottle or a stick. You don't have to have a long one like a typical fishing pole just a short stick that is sturdy enough not to break in half. Simply tie fishing line around the middle and use the stick much like a kite string to fish with the same process can be applied to an old glass soda bottle or beer bottle as well.
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    Fire hardening the tips of your wooden spear or arrows helps. Survival bows are easy enough to make. Often you can find animal bones in the bush with which to make spear & arrow points. Making traps is easy & the best method of obtaining meat. The rabbit stick is also very easy to make.

    Rabbit stick or throwing stick. Also good for waterfowl.
    Bones for tools, traps & weapons.
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