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  1. PedroP

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    More important that making your own weapons is knowing how to use them. Would you be able to use a wide variety of makeshift or otherwise regular weapons in a survival situation? According to what I was taught, you can put weapons in roughly three categories of Range: Long range, Mid range, and Short range. And three more according to the type: Blades, blunt weapons, and firearms. Each and every category has its own ins and outs on how to deal with them and how to disarm them but as a rule of thumb the closer you are to your attacker the relatively "safer" you are. What are your thoughts on this?
  2. Bishop

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    A knife or edges weapon is 21 feet for your reactionary gap inside that your in the danger area
  3. Keith H.

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    Personally I think the closer you are to an attacker the more danger you are in. I prefer distance & a low profile. If faced with an attack then strike first or get the hell out of there. Being in close is fine IF a gun is being used; you were taken by surprise; you know how to disarm.
  4. PedroP

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    You spoke what I had in mind. When I said "closer" I didn't mean in front but rather to the flank of your opponent. From what I was taught "Move fast, secure the flank and take control of the weapon"
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