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Discussion in 'Climate Change' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 24, 2016.

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  1. Aneye4theshot

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    Climate change is taking a devastating toll on all of those who are feeling its effects. Today our climate is suffering on an epic scale due to man's carelessness. From things like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which dumped thousands of gallons of crude oil into the ocean every hour to the natural methane gas leak that is going on currently in California spewing out 100,000 pounds of methane gas per hour are destroying our planet as we go about our daily routine. These devastating effects are not the earth natural occurrences they are due to the carelessness of man. During humankind's pursuit for luxuries and making life easier at the same time they have carelessly outweighed decisions and picked luxuries over safety. The natural gas leak that is occurring in California is releasing methane gas which is four times worse on the atmosphere than emissions from cars.
    Remember when you look into the sky as a kid and would see shapes in the clouds? Nowadays you look into the sky, and you will see long straight lines crisscrossing one another in the horizon. These clouds do not just sit for a few minutes and dissipate. They stay for hours on end. Many individuals believe these to be trails from airplanes. From a certain point of view, this is true. These planes are actually leaving these trails behind, and they are full of chemicals. They're called chemtrails and when combined with elf waves or extremely low-frequency waves that are transmitted from central bases around the world they help to create weaponized weather. This weaponized weather that man has been toying with for the past several decades is taking a devastating toll on the environment. Some of the strongest storms ever recorded in history are occurring on a regular and more continual basis, and many believe this is due to multiple governments attempt at weaponized weather. Weaponized Weather is real, and elf wave bases, or HAARP bases are all too real and exist in places like Puerto Rico, Alaska, China, Russia, and just about every other major country around the world. If you don't believe in weaponized weather, look into these places just a bit, and you will find there is a truth out there waiting to be discovered.
  2. acheno84

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    Chemtrails: they may look cool, but man, they are devastating to the environment. I had no idea what weaponized weather was until I came across this post. I did some research and am I blown away at how bad of an issue this is. The natural gas leak in California is one of the reasons why they have such high emission requirements for their vehicles that are registered to drive on the roads. The less emissions that are leaked, the better.

    It's true though when you say that mankind is the source of these issues. Sad, but true. If we all just took extra measures to help save the environment, things could get better. At this point though, it's sad to say that the damage has already been done, and there may not be a way to look back.
  3. Corzhens

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    I am not conscious of the climate change because I treat it as a natural occurrence. So if it gets hot, let it be because we cannot do anything about it. However, my husband is conscious of that and he is trying to think of a way out. But it would need a universal effort for all people in the world. In other words, an individual cannot do anything even in his own small way. You do not create fire so there will be no smoke, okay, but the factories in China are spewing carbon emission 24/7. So your individual effort is useless.

    My husband said that he grew up in the natural way, sleeping with the use of mosquito net. They had no electric fan much more air conditioner. But they cold sleep in comfort. Now it is impossible to sleep here without an electric fan for the temperature has warmed already. Unless it is winter time where the temperature dips to 20 degrees C and below, it's uncomfortable when the thermometer hovers in the 30s.

    That means for us, the situation is hopeless unless all countries, absolutely all, would cooperate with a unified action.
  4. John Snort

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    The first time I heard of weaponized weather was when watched an animation called Igor. The Kingdom of Malaria is devastated by a storm created by a scientist who then makes himself King. He later uses a "weather ray" to kill all crops so the residents can focus solely on inventing doomsday devices.

    At that time I thought it was impossible for humans to do that kind of thing but there are lots of things which existed only in the realm of fiction which no longer do. Self-driving cars?

    I believe that in future all these experiments being conducted for the military to find the best way to weaponize weather will actually make it possible for some nations to use storms or something worse as weapons. And I suppose we have to prepare for such an eventuality.
  5. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    Climate change just ain't happening!
    Get diverted and waste your time and effort on a non event if you please its your time and effort!
    But I won't as all there is is predictions and I have been listening to them for fifty years not!
    The only prediction that has come true is the great guilt trip involved and the raiding of your pocket!

    And yes these new predictions are so much better than the last ones! but so far still a 100% fail!
    Spend your time on real pollution problems but not on this fake stuff!
  6. barbecueIt

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    I saw a conspiracy video in Youtube about how super typhoon Haiyan was a man made storm created by firing microwaves or something. I have already forgotten the details of the video but the message is it is possible for a man to create a big storm that can kill people. I don't know how true that video is but it is a possibility that big countries are developing ways to control and weaponized the weather.
  7. Chad L Calvert

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    Yes weaponized weather is real. Be it rain, hail, beams, or even a ray. Its complex. It allows safety on the planet from bad weather, dictators, terrorist and hostile intelligence agencies. The real trouble comes when the cameras of the world fail and one of like 300 satellite's falls into the wrong hands.
  8. Harrysung

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    I never thought it was real until I came across this post, I used to think they exist only in the movies. Governments are the ones to blame, they are always ready to sacrifice the future for the pleasure of today. I am still surprised while some governments who haves problems creating jobs for it citizens spend huge amounts of money on creating weapons to kill fellow mankind.
  9. CivilDefense

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    And the evidence of this is what exactly?

    By the way, The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), funded by the University of Alaska, DARPA, the USAF, and USN, no longer exists. It was shut down in 2014. Ownership of the facility was transferred to the University of Alaska in 2015.
  10. overcast

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    I think the problem with control of weather seems more like science fiction in it's current state. I don't think any country has managed to achieve that. Besides any change in any place on earth may affect another country eventually. So control of weather in such case doesn't look like possibility. We can't deny that either. But based on how the weather is affecting some specific places, I'd say control of weather doesn't sound like possible. Weaponize weather to be any real, there would be no need of war. I think in future perhaps it's too early for that to even be real.
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