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  1. WaterWizard

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    There is only really one use for a weapon, and that is to inflict damage or block an attack. In a situation where a weapon is needed weapons can be made and are even laying on the ground around you. I will tell you a couple of ways to make weapons and easily find them in a flash of an eye. First, anything that you craft is probably going to be more efficient than anything you pick up unless it's a blunt object such as a wrench or a baseball bat. An unexperienced fighter or a nonviolent person will also be hesitant in close quarter hand-to-hand combat. But when the situation calls for it you need to know how to defend yourself. If you are about to get burglarized you need to arm yourself quick because the intruder most likely is armed with a lethal weapon.

    If you happen to be in the kitchen during the situation, obviously you can grab a knife, but not all people are willing to use it. So what better choice weapon for a more experienced fighter would be more than blunt objects such as a broom a cutting board or a wet rag. A lot of people have frozen vegetables and meats in their fridge if you could get a good grip on one of those they would be an excellent weapon. Any nick-nacks you have hanging around in your kitchen that could potentially knock out the intruder would be ideal, so you don't have to say that.

    For any of you that have seen Tangled, there's nothing that can beat a good old-fashioned frying pan. If you are in need of more ranged weapon, then you could grab hold of a broom or mop and use your belts or a rag and fasten a knife to the top of it. If I was an intruder an saw a crazy soccer mom with a knife on the end of a broom, I would run away.
  2. John Snort

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    In the kitchen even something like a fork can come in quite handy because all you need is something to distract an intruder so you can grab a better weapon you can use to incapacitate that person.

    One weapon which someone should have with them always is a screw driver. It's easily concealable and to many people it won't even be seen as a weapon but in case of anything you could use it in self defense — surprise can beat even the strongest.
  3. Correy

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    Especially one of those long forks that we use for BBQ or a pike from the fireplace. Although when carrying a screwdriver, to make it seem more believable you can also carry around a small pair of pliers or something similar. My personal favourite is using my keys as a knuckle fist.

    A frying pan or even a plaster. A plaster is more like an-ill balanced baseball bat.
    I wouldn't want to be the guy that's being hunted by a soccer mom with a knife-broom makeshift spear!
  4. Endure

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    There are many ways to create a makeshift weapons with kitchen utensils. It requires a bit of creativity for violence. A makehisft spear made from a knife or a BBQ fork attached to a broomstick is a dangerous piercing weapon fairly easy to use. Also, if you're strong enough you can grab heavy stuff like dumbbels, barrels, filled boxes, chairs etc. and throw it towards the aggressor in order to knock it down or make a diversion that gives you enough time to run away.

    Also, you can use air or paint guns as a mean to dissuade the aggressor. Given a poorly lit environment, It wouldn't be so hard to make a firearm bluff of it.
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  5. Arboreal

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    Depending on laws in your area, you might even be able purchase an air gun that looks perfectly like a real firearm. Which can be used for a convicing bluff even in a very well lit environment ;) The problem, of course, is that the aggressor might be stupid or intoxinated enough to call your bluff - and then, you'll back to the point zero. Perhaps a handy bat or a wrench is more practical in non-firearm self-defence.
  6. acheno84

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    I've come up with some creative tools, especially while in the shower. I think that's one of the worst fears is that someone will get me when I'm most vulnerable. We have a ghost in our house that makes it sound like the front door is opening and closing, and it mostly happens while we're in the shower so we've actually gotten to the point where we keep a box cutter in a bag (to prevent rust) in the shower because we never know if it's someone coming or if it's the ghost messing with the door again. I'm in the process of creating an easy access waterproof container to keep my weapons in while I'm in the shower; If it works out i'll share the secret. Funny thing is, we live in a super safe, super quiet neighborhood. I guess you can never be too prepared.
  7. JThePoster

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    I don't really have straight up weapons in my house but I have a bunch of stuff that could be used as weapons. I have a baseball bat in my closet and I would probably grab a big kitchen knife to defend myself if there was an intruder. Overall though, I would probably just throw whatever I see at the intruder like an idiot haha.
  8. Toast

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    I think I actually have some old swords laying around, that are really cool and could be used for weaponry fairly easily. Besides that I think anything can be a weapon if you're creative enough about it. Metal utensils, toothbrushes, even children toys. If you're creative and inventive enough I think there's a lot of potential.
  9. ToTang45

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    Wow. I love the idea of the broom handle spears! :) That's a great Survival weapon.

    What about projectiles though. I mean, we don't seem to have many talking about home made projectiles?
    Maybe something to shoot a kitchen knife? Some kind of throwing star?
  10. CivilDefense

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    Interesting thread. I concur that being able to find or fashion improvised weapons is a good skill to have. Granted, one would never wish to be in a situation in which that is the only option, but there are certainly many scenarios in which that could happen.

    As to specifics, there are a lot of blunt objects that are available in most garages. Some sporting equipment can also double as such. If one is handy with metal working, all sorts of fun things can be crafted.
  11. Valerie

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    Not gonna lie, but I lol'd at the fry pan.

    Still, a fry pan, especially the cast iron variety, can be lethal if you swing that baby hard enough. Around my apartment, I have a lot of things that can be used as weapons. Aside from cooking utensils, I have several chemicals to make searing sprays, a combat knife, a barbell bar for swinging, and a few shuriken. Not joking about the throwing stars. Honestly, I feel like even chopsticks can be a decent weapon if you know where to stab.
  12. neoKit

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    I have old iron rods lying around and I know that I can easily use them to defend myself. One can also make a sling and use stones for defence. Any sharp objects can also be used as weapons. One needs to make sure that they can easily handle their weapons so that they may not end up injuring themselves.
  13. sarky

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    I have a Bo staff and a Klingon Mekleh (in stainless steel) it is actually a very good CQB weapon.
  14. TexDanm

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    I pick up aluminum baseball bats all the time at garage sales for a buck or two. I carry an ax in my truck. The cops never say a thing about it. Now days I have a concealed carry but still like to have something less lethal on hand. I've found that an ax has a sort of calming influence on someone that just wants to head run and maybe tussle. The thing is there just aren't many little injuries when you get hit with a double bit ax. I try to have something on hand in every vehicle and beside every door that leads outside any of my buildings.
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