Weaving Bamboo Slats For Shelter Wall

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    In one campsite I had been, they have cottages that is just a roof made of nipa (reed) and with 2 walls made of woven bamboo slats. It’s a nice shelter that looks easy to make. I inspected the wall and asked the caretaker on the details. First, the bamboo pole is cut in the desired length, maybe 2 yards then the poles are split into strips with a width of 2 inches. With a stone, the strips are flattened. Those strips are then woven by intersecting horizontally and vertically. When done, the ends are tied with rattan or any cord so the strips will remain in place. It can be hung to serve as a wall of your shelter.
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    In my travels in the usmc ive seen home that were amazeing made out of what ever was handy. In pi the gentleman that shined our boots and shoes had a 2 room shack made from sheet metal head his wife and 7 girls live there at the time the old wooden barricks were being tore down so we asked the co if we could rcycle and make him a nicer home when done with it he and his family had a very nice home with running water a working bathroom so nice the local mafia was trying to force him out the co appoved and was happy with us he let us put armed guards on the place to keep them safe
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