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    When it comes to preparing yourself for wilderness survival the best way to do this is a practical application. This means not just reading and watching techniques but actually getting out in the wilderness and applying them. See how they treat you and how they work. This way you can refine what you would do in a survival situation in the woods. Going out to your local state forest and camping at a rustic campsite is a great weekend way to get away from it all and try these newfound survival skills. At your rustic campsite you will not have potable water nor will you have electricity.
    When you go on this weekend trip, take just the essentials with you. If you bring all necessary items that you would need for a weekend, it's not so much survival as it is a camping trip. Try to live off of the land for a day or two. See if you can find a water source and techniques to make safe drinking water. Look for edible plants and berries in the area. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with what things look like in the wild. Often times they can differ from a picture. Last but not least bring supplies with you so that should you not be able to find these items on your own you have them. This will help you to gauge what its like to apply survival skills to a real life situation. There are many people who consider themselves survivalist who work nine to five jobs. These individuals like to disconnect from the business world and get back to nature for weekends at a time. They find great success in the old methods of hunting and gathering like the true Nomad humans did originally. Trying one of these weekend trips with a group of friends or family as well as trying one of these trips by yourself will help you know what you may need to improve on.
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