What is in a Survival Kit?

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    A survival kit is a little bag of survival tools used in emergency situations. Anyone who is not interested in day to day survival they may not know what is in a survival kit. Basic items that help you with the basic needs that you need to survive. Which are Food, Water, Shelter, and Fire. A lot of the time you will find a knife in a survival kit along with items to make a bow most likely. Some people have the knowledge to make snares and traps so you may see pre-made triggers and ropes. You can't really survive without water and so a lot of people have a variety of things to purify and drink water.

    Most people who camp and drink water at the lake carry around a pot to boil water in. Not all people want to carry around a big pot so you can simply carry around purification tablets. There are even purification straws and solar water bottles that you can use to collect water. It's best to have something to hunt and defend yourself with such as a knife or a small firearm. For shelters, some people carry thermal blankets or small tents. You can make your own shelter using sticks and the materials laying on the ground. To make a fire a lot of people have matches or a lighter. Some people carry a flint and steel or make friction fires using sticks as well.
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