What to do When Farms or Gardens Will Take To Long

Discussion in 'Farming and Gardening' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Anybody who is living off the grid or is trying to survive at some point is going to need to farm or garden. You can farm if you have a good shelter a nice piece of land and a way to irrigate some water for a good harvest or sum of food at one time. You need a way to store this food, but farming is very beneficial, so you're not spending all of your time gathering food. People who are trying to survive an outdoor event that has gone wrong may need to gather food because farming may take too long to get what they need. Any immediate survival requires the skill to gather food such as nuts, berries, and other plants or animals and insect's that have nutritional value as well as ones that can be carried around in large quantities. You can gather grubs and crickets under tree bark and big flat rocks, and if you want a little meat you can catch bigger frogs and cook their legs. Some mosses such as reindeer moss can be picked and boiled, and it is safe to consume. It's also a good idea to always travel with a survival book and guides to what to eat in the wild. You can set traps for smaller game such as squirrels and rabbits. A simple dead weight snare or any snare you look up on the internet will do just fine.
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    This is why it's also important to learn how to catch birds. Since they are everywhere and all of them are edible knowing how to catch them might ensure your survival. I've heard stories of sailors lost at sea who survived solely on eating uncooked birds for weeks. So if it's possible to catch birds out at sea, you can do the same in the wilderness or wherever it is you might be.
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    obviously nobody is bothering to have a food stash then?
    the idea of a food stash is as a "fall back " position for when you cant get fresh, your waiting for your first harvest, or is just plain not safe to go outside.
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