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    In the wilderness, there are signs to watch out for all over the place. There are predators just like you that are hungry that just like you will hunt to eat. Sometimes this means you could be on the list of potential things for dinner. Not only do you have to be aware of wildlife that may want to eat you-you also have to watch out for people who will want to rob you or worse kill you.
    Staying vigilant and keeping your eyes open for signs around you is the best way for you to stay safe in a survival situation. Often simply looking for the marks of wild animals such as claw marks on trees or giant piles of poop will give you an idea of what may be in the area. Animal tracks are another great way to tell if you are walking the same path as another predator. People also fall into the category of predators.

    Generally, people that are very loud will tend to be dangerous in survival situations. This is because they are generally high and burning up precious water and energy by screaming and hollering for no apparent reason. These individuals will want to be avoided at all costs. Signs of unruly people are black burning fires, gunshots, and screams. If you hear these, they are obvious warning signs that you need to take extra precautions
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    Good post JimmyJ.
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