What would be the best shelter for natural disasters?

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  1. Derek Moore

    Derek Moore New Member

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    As we all know natural disasters can occur anytime due to weather conditions. My question is, what type of shelter is important to be safe in or around natural disasters? As we all know shelter is one of the crucial things to survive events. I want the community's thought on wh hi ch would be the best option.
  2. joshposh

    joshposh Expert Member

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    If you do not have a circular pipe like shaped bunker, then a monolithic (dome shaped) home is known to be resistant to some natural disasters. During test, this oddly shaped home does stand up to high winds like that of a hurricane and typhoon. It is also fire resistant. I would heavily consider constructing one if I had experience, but these do not get built all the time. The closest thing I have in contact with is a quonset hut.

    This is a monolithic home. the design lets air flow over it with no flaps for it to grab on to and rip off your roof. It made purely of concrete and doesn't burn. Also when a earthquake hits, the dome circular shape doesn't collapse on itself like a traditional box style home does.

    If you had a bunker then a pipe shaped design is the best as the compacted dirt is even place on all sides. A concrete box will actually collapse as the weight is directly overhead, and it will crush you.
    MdWWZeTDt-xm883_c2TqHQdjsoRQRmZA.jpeg MdWWZeTDt-xm883_c2TqHQdjsoRQRmZA.jpeg

    If non of they above are present then the next possible solution is a quon set hut. These guys can be made very cheap and insulated with spray foam. Yes, I have been in one that was done as I just mentioned. It could stand up to heavy winds better then traditional box homes, but these too will succumb to high winds eventually as they ends are still flat.
  3. remnant

    remnant Expert Member

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    A good improvised shelter would consist of a plastic drum. A hole should be dug into the ground and then the tank placed inside it. A lid of any kind would do to prevent precipitation from getting in. Then fill the tank with dry leaves to cushion yourself and for warmth. The hole can also be dug horizontally and the tank would serve as a cave.
  4. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Expert Member

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    Unless it's an earthquake, I think an underground bunker would be the perfect shelter for any natural disaster. Tornadoes, storms, hail, heatwaves, I think I would feel perfectly safe within the confines of an underground bunker, and would definitely be able to live there for an extended amount of time, as long as I have enough food stores as well as clean water to drink. It's as secure as a bank vault, so I wouldn't have to worry about being able to defend myself against the elements, as an excellently constructed structure would definitely be able to hold its ground against anything nature can throw at you.
  5. Corzhens

    Corzhens Master Survivalist

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    When in the woods, most people would choose the cave because it is a natural shelter built by nature and had withstood the test of time. However, a caveat on the cave for it might be harboring animals and insects that can inflict harm on humans. First are the bats which commonly inhabit caves. And although bats are not aggressors, they can also inflict harm by accident. Some other harmful creatures are venomous spiders and scorpions. But the most dreaded is the snake particularly the cobra which can kill you in an instant. But do not discount the python for it can kill you as well.

    I would rather stay in the open for a shelter. But if I had no choice, I would also take the cave and occupy the portion of the mouth which affords me to run tot he open in case there are predators. The opening of the cave can protect me for the rains. And at night, I can have a bonfire near that mouth of the cave so I can feel protected. You cannot have a bonfire inside the cave, it will consume the air and you can die of suffocation.
  6. neoKit

    neoKit New Member

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    You'll have to make a raised shed out of wood and plastic bags, if it is raining. You'll look for wood for firewood and warm yourself. If you've never been in the cold for long then it will be difficult for you to do other chores without warming yourself. If you don't have food then ask your friends or neighbours for some. If they don't have then you'll be forced to look for wild food and fruits.
  7. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

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    that bunker is huge! and very obvious. I preferred Nedbushcrafters treetop shelter.
  8. Karen Martin

    Karen Martin New Member

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    The best places for natural disasters are a hole or a basement to prevent from objects and other people getting injured and destroyed as much! It's always good to have family or employee emergency escape plans set up for the safest place or places that you and your family and/or friends can go seek emergency shelters or hideouts just in case a terrible thing like this was to happen!
  9. iseeyou

    iseeyou Member

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    I really think an underground shelter will be the safest and the best option during natural disasters. Tent and makeshift shelter are too obvious and easy to spot by people who want your food/tools. You can try to fight but if you can avoid these scenarios in the first place, I'd do it by hiding myself underground.
  10. Tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed Expert Member

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    I think that a couple of the determining factors in one's choice was what natural disasters are you likely to be having to shelter from, and do you care if it is visible or not.
    Personally, I like the looks of the dome homes, and some of them can be used with passive solar for heat and for growing food inside of the dome. However, without a lot of effort, they are going to be very visible. You would have to build the dome into the side of a hill, and then cover most of it with earth and plant grass and let weeds sprout on top for it not to be visible. I think that having it on the side of a hill would also be good for water drainage, so if there were a tornado (as an example) and along with the wind force there would be torrential rains. A person needs to have your shelter in a safe place from being flooded, as well as being protected from natural disasters.
    If you are in an area where it is more like to be an earthquake then a tornado, then you would want to locate the shelter in a place where it would be protected from anything fallin on it during the earthquake.
    Obviously, no one answer is going to meet everyone's needs; but I do think that a geodesic dome, or a Quonset hut would be a good place to start.
  11. sakakimakio

    sakakimakio New Member

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    Nice info @joshposh ! I used to think all bunker were the same and buried underground, I didn't know there were various types. But, how about shelter for tsunami or flooding that mostly occurred in Asian region? Does underground shelter still the wise choice? Most of tsunami happens after the earthquake.
  12. airfightermax

    airfightermax Member

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    Yeah, I think bunkers like these wouldn't fare well against tsunamis and frequently flooded areas. Maybe there is a solution for this kind of problem?
  13. Easyrider

    Easyrider New Member

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    a concrete underground box will colapse....99,9% of the underground human structures are boxes.please do restrain yourself from posting this type of info.if you are a serious person, do ask an engineer to design a shelter for your specific needs...
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