What's the weirdest shelter you had to sleep in while camping?

Discussion in 'Natural, Temporary, and Permanent Shelter' started by OursIsTheFury, Jun 6, 2016.

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    When I was a student nurse, we had to go deep into the mountains for outreach programs, it was usually an entire month, where there's barely anything other than sleeping bags and coal cooked meals. No electricity, and most of the houses we were supposed to visit (because they had sick people in) were miles away from each other; sometimes we even have to walk 6 hours straight through the mountains, no roads or whatever, and just relying on "man made" landmarks, like a tree that fell down, etc; no street signs or whatever. Here we had to sleep in anywhere we could just to get a roof over our heads, and one time, we had to sleep on a shelter at a cemetery. What's the weirdest place you had to sleep in?
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    I remember when I was a student in secondary school and the students body organized a riot over various grievances. It got out of hand and riot police were summoned to deal with the students. We had no alternative but to jump over the fence and camp deep into the sorrounding coffee plantation for the night. The shelter involved students interlocking in angles to act as insulators for each other against the biting cold.
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    While hiking the Appalichian Trail, we finally reached the place were I would get off the trail for awhile and rest my feet. We found a little store, where we could get refreshment and I could call for a shuttle ride. It was late and I could not get a ride until the next day. Near the store was an old shed that was kind of down in a gully, tall grass everywhere. It was falling down and dirty and creepy. But it was somewhat of a roof over our heads. We snuck in there and got out our sleeping bags. That night, it rained and rained.... and rained. Thunder and lightening, the works. We stayed somewhat dry. The next day, my shuttle driver picked me up and got me a place where I could get a rental car for the 1000 mile ride home. I felt unwell the whole drive. So when I arrived, I took my temperature. 103.4 degrees. I had to go to the emergency that night. dehydration had caused a bladder/kidney problem.
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    There was this time I went to visit with a friend at their rural home. Its a bit hilly and most houses seem to be built along valleys.

    It was during one of those rainy seasons and that night there was a heavy downpour. The first thing to be affected was electricity supply, so there was a blackout.

    Then the worst happened, because of what we came to learn was a drainage blockage, the house got flooded. We opened the doors but the flood kept flowing.

    We couldn't sleep on the beds because they were now on a filthy cold floor. So we opted to go up and spent the night between the roof and the ceiling.
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    I've slept in old barns, cattle sheds, hay barns, wooden outbuildings.
    I slept in an old wooden caravan/trailer for 12 years.
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    Growing up in the state of West Virginia as a kid allowed for many a night to camp out under the stars. I can remember some of the craziest things we found to use as shelter. Some of the weirdest items we utilized were taking floor mats out of a couple abandoned cars, and we laid those on top branches to resemble a teepee. Thank goodness it was a nice night, because I do not think that shelter would have held up to heavy rain.
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