Whats Up With Cnn And Don Lemon???

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by watcherchris, Jan 14, 2018.

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    Many many years ago...one of the other guys in my crew figured out that there was something wrong with CNN News and their format. This was over 30 years ago.

    What Rick did was to privately rechristen CNN as "Chicken Noodle News."

    Over the years ...CNN along with others in the MSM have morphed into the Tabloid format they are today in sensationalizing the news for their political slant...their political biases.
    This is become very clear to many who are voting "No" with their remote controllers against CNN.

    But since the election back in 2016 ....CNN has very much amplified their broadcasting format to constantly push Racism....race, race, race, and more race.

    And A fellow named Don Lemon is constantly leading this charge.

    It has become noticeable to the point where All Don Lemon has on his plate is race and racism.

    This reminds me of Leonard Pitts on the editorial section of the papers for so long...all he too has on his plate is racism. After enough of this you can see Leonard Pitts coming just as you can Don Lemon.

    It gets tiring and predictable once you learn to identify it....for what it is.

    Chicken Noodle News....has become predictable in that they are still carrying the water for the Left..and the Obama Administration. They are working steadfastly to stick the whole nation back into a racist time warp.

    The causes the left constantly pushes are first...race and racism...then sex , sexuality, sexual orientation ....and of course variations of genderism. If it is not those ..it is class warfare....all of these for the purposes of division by manufacturing guilt in the minds of Americans.

    Thinking Americans do not want to get up every day to take care of their business and before they do they must needs first consider whether someone is a certain race...a certain sex, a certain sexuality/sexual orientation. Thinking Americans do not want to be held hostage or in bondage to such manufactured patterns in thought and behavior and in particular by Chicken Noodle News/CNN and Don Lemon.

    I can see why so many Americans are voting against CNN with their remote controllers. For they do not want to be held hostage and in bondage to such thinking by that network and it's representatives.
    Some of us are getting tired and disgusted with Tabloid News formats in all of the MSM...but in particular Chicken Noodle News.

    Tabloid methods are being used and misused by both the left and the right ..to herd people to their causes....emotionally.

    The news media and in particularly CNN have long ago quit objective reporting and switched to a Jerry Springer type "Tabloid News" format to control and manipulate by manufactured outrage...the American Public and thus prevent individual thinking for ourselves.

    Don Lemon is the CNN sponsored poster boy for racial outrage...to manufacture and amplify racial outrage in this country.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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    Don Lemon is a turd. I only watch CNN when it accidently plays in a pop up on a page I am visiting, and I immediately close the tab. I haven't had a TV for years now. Network news is dead, it's all garbage.
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