When and Where an Earthquake May Strike

Discussion in 'Earthquake' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 21, 2016.

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    When it comes to the question of when and where an earthquake may strike this answer is a broad one. Earthquakes can strike from South Carolina to New York, and all the way to California and in between. The most common area in which earthquakes will be experienced or areas that are directly over fault lines which are specific areas on the earth that have active tectonic plates. The earth is constantly moving and changing shape but we may not see it. An earthquake can occur at just about any geographical location. Not only can an earthquake occur at a specific point but it may be felt some distance away as well.
    There have been reports of earthquakes in California that have been felt in Wisconsin. Earthquakes can also occur underwater when this happens they give birth to tsunamis. As our science advances an understanding of nature becomes brother we are finally developing new techniques and methods that are allowing us to help predict earthquakes. Not just predict them but predict when and where they will happen next. Earthquakes can be triggered at any time so it is crucial that you know how to prepare yourself for this event and what to do to protect yourself both indoors and outdoors should you find yourself in an area when a earthquake occurs.
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    I've heard that the San Andreas fault line are wound quite tightly and that it's due for an earthquake very soon. That is a little bit worrisome considering I'm flying there at the end of this year. I hope that it doesn't go off when I'm there.
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    An earthquake is a natural calamity that can strike or happen anytime time and any day and we do not know when and where. Although with the help of advanced technology we can predict that an earthquake might happen but we do not have that exact prediction and this serves only as a reminder to the people what to do and how to prepare themselves just in case an earthquake strike their place of location.
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    Any places where there is a fault line has a bigger risk of having an earthquake. I have heard that scientists can calculate when a fault line is due for an earthquake. The fault line in Japan is about to move within 30 years although this is not 100% reliable, it is still good to be warned.
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