When Do You Trigger The Execution Of Contingency Plan?

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by bomb2060, Jul 9, 2017.

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  1. bomb2060

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    We normally make contingency plans for any type of disaster e.g. drought, political violence, floods etc. But we do never document when to activate the plans. For drought, the early warning system indicates that you can monitor the stages of drought and activate the contingency when the situation is on alarm. But for other disasters, there is no clear strategy of activating the contingency plan.
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  2. Keith H.

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    You just have to play it by ear. Different people have different ideas about what constitutes an emergency. Most people will leave it to the last minute & not survive. Those that have jobs & are still earning a wage will be reticent about bugging out & leaving work. Those of us who are already off grid will have to implement more stringent security measures. Watch the news, the cities will have trouble before the country areas do. If you feel it is necessary to leave the city, then I suggest you do so by vehicle if you can & stay tuned to the radio. You can still get to work if nothing major happens. If it does turn out to be serious, then you can keep going further away from the city.
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  3. Morgan101

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    Here is a link that will at least give you a starting point. Good advice, and good things to consider. The Acronym is Red Out. Black Scout goes into detail on each, but if you don't want to watch the whole thing (I think it is only 10 minutes) here they are.

    R: Resources or lack of
    E: Environmental Threats (natural disaster)
    D: Destination - if you don't have a place to go you are a refugee. Stay put.

    O: Overwhelming force - Will you be mobbed?
    U: Unprepared for the situation
    T: Threat Growing. Violence is getting closer to you or is getting worse.
  4. Travis.s

    Travis.s Expert Member

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    You have to use your own best judgment and do what you believe is best for yourself and your family's safety and survival.
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  5. Pragmatist

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    An adage from the business intelligence field:
    "The more you know the later it is and thus the greater the risk."

    There are variables and constants and like others mentioned above, the individual must evaluate and act accordingly.

    If, for example, a public service announcement (PSA) reports of a "Point of Dispensation" (for delivery of medical stuff eg flu shots [Point of Distribution for non-med stuff like blankets, sanitary kits, MREs]) being established near you, evaluate as to why and concurrently just follow me. We'll be in Kansas in only a few months of journey. We will then join Dorothy of "The Wizard of Oz" fame. Dorothy was looking for a place where there "isn't any trouble".
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  6. TMT Tactical

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    In the majority of disasters (not made by nature) we will get very little concrete information to base any long lasting decisions on. We will not know about any EMP or Solar flares until too late. Earthquakes and maybe volcano eruptions will be a surprise. Economic collapse will a a very slow long term event. What will you be able to count on as your "Get Out Of Dodge" signal?

    I believe that if you don't live at your BOL, then chances are you will not be able to get to your BOL in a national disaster. In my opinion, folks are better off readying their homes and have several fall back positions close. If the grid goes down nationwide, then all mechanized travel is screwed. If you can walk to your BOL that is nice but then again so can many others, not so nice.
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  7. Old Geezer

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    Shoot, I wish I could plan ahead for anything. This world spins in more ways than one.
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  8. koolhandlinc

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    Most everything is as was previously stated. Play it by ear.

    I have already taught my family that if the electricity is off. The car won't start and the cell phones don't work. Its likely an EMP. Weather its from a nuke or the sun doesn't matter. The same plan is in action. For my family, They are all within 2 miles of home almost all the time. So immediately head for home. For me its different. I was working for a time longer distances. Now I am about 8 miles from home and can walk it quickly. We need to get home before people start to understand whats really happening and go crazy. When I was further away. My family new I would head home as fast as possible. Here in the states, people will mostly have some food and will not get hungry immediately . So basically beat the threat.

    Most other issues will be slower to unfold.
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  9. lonewolf

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    my contingency plan is to hunker down where I am.
    just lock the doors and close the windows, go into personal isolation and keep a watch out.
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  10. Pragmatist

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    TMT Tactical,

    Good point: "...we will get very little concrete information". I do not rely on public service announcements (PSAs). I've got my own I&W's - "Indicators and Warnings". If, for example, the roads are closed, I go on high-alert. If a PSA tells of schools letting out early: an I&W for me. I do have other I&W's because I'm an emergency responder. In summary; I use my own collection of indicators to determine the situation. At the national level, former FEMA Director Craig Fugate, developed the "Waffle House Index". If Waffle House closed, max work, max danger.

    I'm already at my BOL - but things change. This rural area - still rural - is overbuilt and over-populated.

    Premier plan, less emergency responder activation, is to shelter in place, listen to chimes on shortwave-received BBC, preload espresso machine for immediate use, shake fire extinguishers for immediate use and avoid thinking I really should have loaded up on more chocolate chip cookies and AA batteries.

    An admitted weakness: my hard hat bag has the various weather liners, eg the thick Army cap with long earmuffs down below neck, the fireproof firefighter under-helmet head cover and 3 wool sock "watch caps", plus 2 mosquito nets. Add the extra batteries I carry for helmet light and the bag does get heavy. ... and it's one of the lighter bags assembled here.
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