When is Shelter a Good Idea

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    If you are asking yourself whether or not you need to build a shelter in a survival situation, the answer is yes. A shelter is an important part of any survival situation. It will help to protect you from the elements such as sun, wind and rain, as well as wildlife and other predators. Knowing when, where, and how to make a basic shelter is something everybody should familiarize themselves with.

    This is a piece of information that is very useful and will come in handy whether you are on a camping trip with friends and family or find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere all alone with no help in sight. If you stuck in a predicament where you will need to survive on your own without the help of the normal outside world building a shelter will be the first thing you need to establish. Take into consideration how long you think you may be stranded and whether or not you will be traveling towards an ultimate destination.

    If you will be staying in place, then a permanent shelter may be in order. If you plan on traveling every couple of days or only staying overnight, a temporary shelter will obviously serve your needs better. So to answer the question of when is shelter a good idea, that answer is the moment that you find yourself in a situation that is not your normal environment for surviving overnight.
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