When making Fire-Safety.

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    By Robert Griffing.
    When Making Fire-Safety.

    When making fire be sure that you have placed your powder horn with your gun well away from the fireplace. I suggest that you secure your fire steel to your belt bag buckle. In this way you can simply drop the steel after striking so that you can place all your attention immediately on the making of fire. In this way you are never likely to lose your steel.

    Always make sure there is a clear area of at least two paces around your fireplace before making fire. Pay special attention to any debris that may take fire between the fireplace & your shelter.

    Keep your fire small, large fires are a danger & they are more likely to attract attention than a small fire.

    Make sure your store dry kindling in the back of your shelter in case the fire should go out at night when it is very cold.

    If you do not need a fire, do not light one. It may attract unwanted attention. Always carry foods that do not require cooking.

    Unless it is very cold & you need a fire for warmth, extinguish your cooking fire when you have finished cooking.

    If you need to keep the fire going all night, make sure you have a good supply of firewood close to hand, so you can feed the fire at night without having to leave your bed.

    Smoke from a fire made close to a tree will generally be drawn to the tree & find its way upward exiting through the forest canopy. However, this can not always be relied on because of the shifting breezes in forest areas, so keep your fire smokeless when you are able. Small dry wood will create heat quickly & produce less smoke. A hot fire will create less smoke even when larger pieces of wood are used.

    Make sure that you always have plenty of dry spare tinder in your pack. If you are carrying gunpowder bags, place spare tinder in these bags as they become empty. Be sure to keep your tinderbox full of tinder.

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    In addition to your advice on lighting a fire, I would also suggest that you carry an insulated cooker. This is a device that one can easily improvise using a sturdy carton covered with black paint. Put a layer of cotton wool on the sides and then insert another cardboard. Alternate this way inserting smaller cartons with layers of cotton wool in the interface. You only need to cook your food for some minutes then place it inside this insulator to continue cooking passively! Believe me, it works. A version of this cooler is being sold in my country as a method of fuel conservation.
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    I don't think so remnant, but thank you for the suggestion. This idea is simply not practically possible travelling on foot, I have more important items to carry.
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