When the big one strikes

Discussion in 'Earthquake' started by Corzhens, Jun 1, 2016.

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    We live near a fault line called West Valley Fault that is about 30 kilometers east of Manila. The seismologist of the bureau said that the big one may occur anytime, can be 100 years from now or tomorrow, no one can really say. Last year, the Metro Manila administration conducted the so called shake drill to orient the public on what to do and how to act in the even of the big earthquake. Part of the drill was to turn off the electricity so it would be a blackout for 1 hour in simulation of the projected calamity. This month, there will be another shake drill.

    We didn't participate in the said drill because it was held during daytime when we were in the office. Nevertheless, we conducted a private orientation at home so the people in our house would know what to do in case the disaster happens. As they say, it is better to be prepared for nothing than to be surprised by something.
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    The big one will be preceded by some small but rising activity maybe not enough to properly feel.
    Build yourself a earth tremor detector, they are quite simple to make.
    Get a heavy ball about 20-40kg steel or lead, drill a hole through the centre end to end! one end gets a steel chain or cable the other a weighted pencil!
    Hang the ball by the chain or cable from a sturdy dead rest! place paper under pencil then protect from the weather wind etc.

    The pencil will rest in the same spot all the time unless the earth starts moving, the bigger the squiggle the bigger the tremor.
    It will detect tremors you cant feel, it will detect trucks close by as well! check it often

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