When to Worry About Just Yourself

Discussion in 'Safety' started by WaterWizard, Apr 27, 2016.

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    When you are in a survival situation or situation where an emergency occurs sometimes you may want to be the strong one who watches after the entire group. This is a good quality to have but not always the safest. Sometimes when it comes to safety personal safety becomes important. Caring for others can sometimes inevitably put you in harm's way.

    Maintaining your own personal safety will ensure that you are there to care for the ones that need it the most when the situation calls for it. There are certain situations in which taking care of other people will cause you your own demise. If you and a group of individuals you are trying to take care of all parish then it does nobody any good. Many times staying with a group is the suggested way to go but there are groups that well you just don't want to stay with.

    Some people are completely lazy and will depend on you to do everything for them while barking orders the entire time while other people will be very quick to do mischievious deeds the moment you turn your back. Remember in a survival situation trust no one but yourself and go with your instincts always. Remembering that sometimes the most important safety aspect is personal safety. Safety is a key factor in keeping a calm, cool, and collective head in any emergency situation.
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    If everyone had this mentality the group would be in good shape. Sadly people need leaders, people who are willing to take charge. It makes it easier on everyone, but putting yourself first reasonably is best, if you're following it makes it less work for the leader to deal with, if you're leading it ensures you can continue to lead the group. Great post, something to seriously think about if you even find yourself in a situation where you're force to give or take orders like this.
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    I strongly agree with this. Everyone should be looking out for themselves to at least some degree, but as you both have said, people need to rely on others in order to make it. When someone else takes over, it makes it easier and will end up being "their fault" since they are in charge, you know? It makes it easier for the group to turn against the leader, thus causing the group more danger than anything. It's good for everyone to be prepared to be on their own. You just never know. Accidents do happen and in the event of an emergency situation, you have to know how to take care of yourself. It may be safer for everyone to split up in that type of scenario anyway and I know I definitely won't be the one mad at myself for not being able to handle my own. It's hard though, to take compassion out of situations.

    One thing I have learned is that it is beneficial if everyone in the group has a leadership role. Something that they are in charge of, per say. Someone delegated for finding berries and vegetables; someone in charge of small game, etc. You can see this relationship as a common practice in careers. It makes them feel important, and also encourages them to use their basic survival skills.
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    Group survival situations would require someone to step up and lead. And leadership would be a good thing to study in order to prepare. If you are that person, there will surely be some who will appreciate your efforts and do everything to cooperate. There will be others who want to lead but who are grossly unqualified. They might stupidly try to undermine your efforts, it could accelerate the existing crisis. A good leader to has put a stop to the chaos quickly and assume control. That might mean cutting some people off. You may have to hurt some feelings. The leader of a crisis situation needs to be okay with not always being liked by everyone. If you are not this kind of person, don't try to lead. Absolutely, take care of yourself. Everyone will need to do that, so it's a good thing to concentrate on.
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    you first need to look after yourself, if you don't who will look after your family if your not around?
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    My Father told me I should always look after number one. Number one being oneself. I did not agree with him then, but now I am older I do understand. There are times when you should look after others, but there are also times when you must look after number one as a priority.
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    Without me my family and friends are without survival skills, supplies, weapons, etc.
    Probably none of them could get and prepare even a rabbit.

    In a shtf those that won't cooperate and learn will be in deep doo-doo.
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