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Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by randyt, Sep 3, 2020.

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  1. randyt

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    There are a couple lines of thought. Do you work on your strengths or your weaknesses?

    I work on my weaknesses and maintain my strengths.

    For example medical is a weakness so I'm constantly trying to improve. Really need to take some courses.
  2. Morgan101

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    IMHO you are heading in the right direction. It is quite common to focus on strengths. Those are the things you do well, so you enjoy doing them. Practice the most on the things you do poorly, or not so well, to bring them up to your strengths. Then you will be improving overall.
  3. Caribou

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    As far as supplies go, I maintain the stuff I already have and try to fill in the blanks where possible. As far as skills go, I'm at the age where I'm unlikely to develop many more new skills so maintenance is my SOP. In past years I had a wonderful time developing skills.

    I am driven to work on my own stuff. I used to spend a lot of time in the wilderness. This requires a bunch of skill development. My pain doc asked me what happened to damage my body. I told him that I had a wonderful life.
  4. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon Randy,

    My focus is primarily regarding my personal physical ability.

    My first example: I have hand injuries from Army service coupled to arthritus of the aging process. Thus, I do not depend on having the physical ability to open and operate a mlti-tool. My requirement is a sheasth knife and the specific tool(s) that I can work with.

    I have some overall physical ailments but am mobile. I focus on my current decent mobility of being an old man. Thus, I anticipate losing my once great hiking ability and running speeds. I would not store any cache far away on my land based on my presumption that I could lose my physical ability to walk to the cache.

    My hearing is about gone (VARO Roanoke vigorously disagrees with me) so my focus left the cell and sat phone for whistles for distress signaling. Besides the regular whistle of sports fame, also have a Foxx 40 9V electric whistle. Loning use of my phones obliges me to carry a signaling mirror on my person.

    Will close by mentioning that, for me, velcro fasteners instead of a zipper, is avoided. Velcro could take several maneuvers compared to yanking on a zipper pull.
  5. Sourdough

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    Randy........this is a great thread subject.....Thanks for starting it.

    I am always focused on my weakest link to long and short term survival. But long term has been will managed for decades. It sometimes need modification.

    My focus has shifted massively over the last two or three years. My old well constructed (brilliant :D) survival plan did exactly what it was designed to do, and I have zero regrets about the "decades" of its existence. Now I need to gather those pieces of the old system that can be fitted into a new system going forward.

    Always-always overriding everything is my constant need to focus on surviving the next winter. Year after year, it never changes if you live in wilderness Alaska. You are either fully ready by October......or you risk death.

    This Covid-19 has totally shaken-up my normal prepping for winter hibernation. I have had to focus "intently" on getting a years supply of food from Amazon.com over the last six months, not willing to risk exposure to city people.

    I am also fully focused on the expected "hell" coming over the next eight or more months. In my near 74 years of life, now exists the greatest risk to life as we know it in America........and likely most other developed and semi-developed countries.

    I wish I was back living on beautiful and bountiful majestic Lake Clark to ride out what I feel is eminent....:eek:
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