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    Have you ever wondered where is the best spot to plant your garden? Believe it or not, there is thought behind choosing where to plant your seeds. I've learned a couple of technics that I would be more than happy to share with you. Usually, when you first start growing, you want to put your plants in a convenient spot for you. If the plants are sensitive to too much sun though you'll find yourself with a bunch of wilted plants. If you're plants, don't get enough when they first start to grow they will wilt. This is because there not in their normal environment which includes the wind. Also, don't baby your plants such as obsessively pruning an overly watering.

    The best spot the grow fruits and vegetables are in a spot with a lot of sun. Depending on how big your crop is going to be you only need to water lightly until your start seeing your sprouts get nice and healthy. Then simply switch over to moderately watering your plants every couple of days. Of course, you can always adjust your methods meeting the needs of your plants. Flowers and indoor plants are a bit different. If your trying to plant a flower bed or an herb garden, I suggest you put it closer to your house because they bring up the appeal of your house and property value. To maintain these gardens only water them when the dirt starts to look dry. The same goes with indoor plants when the surface of the dirt starts to look dry just water lightly until the soil is moist.
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    When choosing the best spot for your garden you also need to take into account the fertility of the soil. Soil where trees that shed leaves have been growing tends to be more fertile because as the leaves and twigs which fall off decay they form humus [which increases soil fertility].

    But it's relatively easy to make any soil fertile. If you know soil in the best spot for your garden isn't fertile then add compost to it. Do it all the time and you'll see your yields increase.
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