Who Goes First?

Discussion in 'Ladies Section' started by joegirl, Jul 2, 2017.

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  1. joegirl

    joegirl Member

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    We have all seen this in a movie too often. A survival scenario where there's only one space left in a rescue plane. Think Titanic.

    My question is, who gets saved? Would you give up that space and allow someone else to live? Has this ever happened to you and how did you survive it?
  2. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    I was bought up with "Women and children first"
    But as women now demand equality it is now "Children first"
    I will go next!
  3. lonewolf

    lonewolf Societal Collapse Survivalist. Staff Member

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    not sure if I would trust a rescue plane, they have been known to crash, someone else can have my seat.
  4. LilSoldierGirl

    LilSoldierGirl Expert Member

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    Spoken like a true chauvinistic pig. Women should not have to 'demand' something that is a basic human right.
  5. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    But they do!
    They have these sissy fits and get all angry and red in the face then shout scream and holler!

    The only "rights" anyone has are those they can enforce! missy!

    "MEN" do not demand there rights and they are not given! "MEN" take there rights!

    You want your rights? take them then missy! as "Something given has no value"

    Spoken like a true chauvinistic pig. your just jealous :D
  6. kgord

    kgord Active Member

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    I believe a gentleman would allow a lady to go first. In today's world though we seem to have lost that basic civility and respect. I would not expect someone to sacrifice themselves for me, but if they wanted to, I would not say no!
  7. Maria_C

    Maria_C New Member

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    This is not a question to ask in my humble opinion. Any rational human being would allow the next person to take it provided he is compassionate, though there may be few exceptions of selfish individuals. But think about it this way, what if that other person is your mother, your father, or your daughter, would you still take it and leave them to die?
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