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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    Soon, WHO will host an international seminar to discuss the Wuhan corona virus.

    What should we wear at the forum ? I'm definitely wearing a P100 mask, Mr Clean dishwasher gloves between the wool inserts and leather shell of my Army gloves. Will continue to wear rubber boots, less about the Wuhan corona virus and more so because I'm still busy draining the swamp near here.

    Using deductive reasoning, we can say that the Wuhan corona virus did not originate in the Falkland Islands or Christmas Island, Australia. WHO is too expensive of an organization to be distributing gloves or telling the public "virus ... troublesome for older people ..."

    The real health organizations for the world are located in the USA. The funding for these real health organizations comes from Americans.

    Are there any safe and healthy places for us to dine at in Geneva ? ... or should we brown bag ?
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