Why You Also Need to Have Green Tea In Your Survival Kit

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  1. Jea

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    Tea bags are often included in first aid and survival kits. Its use is plentiful whether ingested or
    placed topically to heal.

    • Green tea has flavonoids that are an instant boost to your immune system.
    • Green tea offers arthritis pain relief thanks to the chemical compound Polyphenol. It suppresses the gene that causes arthritis inflammation.
    • Drinking hot or cold tea will help reduce the inflammation.
    • Green tea is effective in preventing cancer also thanks to polyphenols.
    • It lowers heart attack and stroke risks.
    • Green tea has catechins which is a natural antioxidant. Helpful cure for infections and fungus.

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  2. Damorale

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    I won't be packing green tea... It's tastes horrible and leaves my mouth feeling furry. Though I'm sure that the science behind it is true, I also think any of the benefits gained from green tea must be minimal. I went through a phase of drinking green tea when I was under the illusion that it would help me lose weight, but I have found that losing weight when I need to is just as fast with or without green tea. There was no noticeable benefit to my health otherwise either.
  3. filmjunkie08

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    Green tea is not the first thing on my mind when packing a survival kit. However, if I have room after more important items have been packed then I will add it in. Green tea bags are small and should be easy to stuff in.
  4. glreese

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    I actually never thought of packing green tea. While I don't think it is a priority item, I think it would be a great add-on to a survival kit. Green tea is popular in a lot asian cultures. My old roommate was Chinese and she made me tea when I was sick. It helped me to feel better. I think it would be a good healthy herb to have on hand.
  5. QtheMyst

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    Oooh I love green tea. Never thought to add it to my survival kit but this is a good idea. I know I feel healthier and less stressed in general when I drink it daily.
  6. tb65

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    Yeah green tea is really a good herbal medicine. It can help purify the blood and get rid of infections. The Chinese have been using this stuff for centuries. A lot of those ancient Chinese medicines work good, and are all herbal. I agree with you on this one.
  7. explorerx7

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    I have heard in somewhat glowing terms of the great benefits to be obtained from drinking green tea. I am not certain, however, the validity of these claims, because I have never met someone that has really attested to the benefit that they have attained from the process. I can't really dismiss the claims because they could be true, however, I have seen where there have been claims of how various plants were cure-alls only to find out that the claims did not add up so I will not be convinced unless there is documented proof of the results.
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  8. Inqogn1to

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    Neat little package of benefits to put in ones survivalbag. From my experience I can say that in periods when I have been drinking green tea daily I've felt more calm and focused. I used to combine it with a bar of dark chocolate at times which is also good for your health + very friendly to the taste glands. There's also plenty of scientific studies made on the subject which suggests green tea to be rather good for your overall health.
  9. Ystranc

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    This is an interesting post, I have heard claims about the health benefits of green tea but I have never yet seen it included in a first aid kit. I will also admit that I have my doubts about the efficacy of Chinese remedies, after all the nonsensical claimes for powdered rhino horn or tigers penis.
    Perhaps learning what herbs or plants in your environment are useful as infusions would also be a good idea. Locally I have a wide variety of medicinal plants.
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