Wiemar Type Tensions Building In Seattle

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Jun 18, 2020.

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    Yep, just label who you hate as racist with or without any evidence. Control the language and narrative and you control the state. Wiemer, Stalin, 1984, Alynski, etc. all in a nutshell. Welcome to 2020 Amerikastan
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    D.C. Police Union Survey Shows 71 Percent Are Considering Leaving


    Hopefully, a sufficient number of police will get jobs throughout Heartland America, such that urban and urban suburbs will be left to be essentially unprotected. Leftists need to get to know anarchy up close and personal.

    Many police departments all across Constitutional America would love to have experienced officers added to their force. Budgets are very tight now that Covid-19 worked its Chinese magic on the U.S. economy. We took a heavy broadside from these communists.

    Mr. O. Geezer is now going to rant, so continue only if you wish to hear a diatribe against China:

    We must remember that we must assiduously avoid Chinese products if possible. I personally buy made-in-America, especially when it comes to tools (bought some large wire cutters about a month ago, they've proved mega-handy and proved to be of superior quality = perfect cuts and easily cut through materials I'd only half expect them to cut. If I can't buy American, I buy from countries who are friendly. China is America's enemy. Pharmaceutical manufacturers need to get their raw materials from non-Chinese sources.

    There is certainly no reason to buy any sort of machinery from China. We make superior machinery. Buy electronics from Taiwan so that these people can resist the aggressor communists of the communist mainland.

    If you can buy from the Philippines, do so. Chinese naval vessels are attacking Philippine fishermen and sometimes taking them into custody for fishing in international waters.

    China is attacking Vietnamese fishing vessels.

    China is buzzing Canadian ships.

    China grows more aggressive by the year. They see America as their enemy.



    It looks like a massive war with China is on the horizon.
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