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    Something I have not seen discussed on this forum is using draft animals for farming . My grandfather and me would hook up our horse named "neil " and plow the fields . A plow horse has to trained to obey precise verbal commands , walk the furrows in a straight line and not reach over and grab a bite of something to eat from your crop . The person holding the the plow stocks also has to be trained or the plow will wander to the left or right destroying your crop . Honestly I never mastered the plow and usually left that choir to my grandfather . We had various plow attachment to use , depending what our job for the day was , we would use the appropriate plow . Seems the plows we used most was the turning plow and the middle buster . I know few people have a trained plow horse these days or the plow for a horse or the knowledge and skill to use them but thought some might be interested in this mostly lost farming skill .
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    since the last war tractors have been used in the UK, the only draft animals are used for ploughing matches and not for everyday use. and there aren't that many around these days.
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    I know that some farmers in the UK have returned to using the horse drawn plow.
    Heavy horses in use in Australia.





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