Writer's Escape:Anyone here like poetry?Do you write?

Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by katlarson9, Jul 6, 2016.

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  1. katlarson9

    katlarson9 New Member

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    Poetry is awesome! I absolutely love it. Do you? Some of my favorite writers are Emily Dickinson and Neil Hilborn. If you like poetry then you should share some of your favorites and get familiar with these wonderful artists.
  2. Vinaya

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    I love poetry.I began writing by writing poetry. When I was a teenager, I scribbled on a notepad. These were my earliest poems which came out in a book about a decade ago. In fact, I have published two poetry collections, one a self published poetry print book and another kindle book. I have published poems on print newspapers as well as online magazines. I like to write prose poem and narrative poems and dramatic poems are my favorite.
  3. BeautifullyBree

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    Poetry is my absolute favorite. I enjoy writing myself. I actually recently entered a poem into a contest and surprisingly made it to the semifinals. I'm still waiting for a reply to know if I won or not. Do you ever write your own poetry? Or do you just enjoy the words of others?
  4. remnant

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    I really like the creativity in poetry and was struck by the bug when I was teaching English in high school. I have written some unpublished poems and I am a poet in my own right. Poetry is very fascinating. Its one of the few areas where you are free to release your creative juices even against the rules of grammar.
  5. Chiari

    Chiari New Member

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    I like and write poetry, songs, and short stories. Does anyone have a poem to post here?

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