Your Choice Of Ar Magazines?

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  1. CivilDefense

    CivilDefense Expert Member

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    This kind of a general, "compare notes", question. If AR-15 type rifles/carbines are part of your preps, what are you using for magazines?

    Personally, we've stockpiled mainly GI type 20 and 30 rounders. They work, they're cheap, so no complaints. Recently, I've branched and started using PMags on the advice of a colleague. These too haven't been bad. I also picked up a D-60 drum and a 60-round "coffin" magazine, by PMag and Surefire, respectively. So far they've been fine, but I need to run them more to be sure.

    Anyway, let us know what has worked for you, what hasn't, etc. Thanks!
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  2. GS AutoTech

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    I have a bit of experience with PMags & have had zero issues so far. They are cheap & available.
  3. operator6

    operator6 New Member

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    Pmags and hexmags. I have some aluminum GI mags as well. No issues so far.
  4. CivilDefense

    CivilDefense Expert Member

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    I haven't tried the Hexmags yet, though I've seen them at the hardware store. I might have to give them a spin sometime. Thanks for note.
  5. Ken S LaTrans

    Ken S LaTrans Active Member

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    Colt AR 20Rnd Mag Case 1.png
    AR Steel 20Rnd 1.png
    Colt AR Mag Case 2.png
    Frisco Desktop MTM Tac Mag Can 1.png

    I buy PagPul or GI Steel 20 and 30 Round Mags with new springs and no-tilt followers exclusively. I have a few random mags around...but only buy and trust MagPul and MilSpec for fighting. I order MagPul by the hundred, and pretty much do the same with GI mags when I find a good deal.

    MagPul has a sale a couple of times a year where they sell "Hundred Packs" of their 30 round PMags for $8/Ea if you buy a hundred. So, whenever they do...I buy one.

    My goal is to have 30,000 rounds loaded in magazines.

    There are other magazines that are good...but I have yet to find any that will equal or surpass MagPul or steel GI MilSpecs.
  6. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    There is something, for which as a personal taste or preference , I try to stay away from in magazine design.

    And that is the clear plastic viewing window.

    I understand the concept of a quick glance to see how many rounds are left..but to me a viewing window is just something else to malfunction.

    I understand the concept that some manufacturers have a reputation for quality magazines...etc ..but I have tried to stay away from any of the viewing window types. I don't find it a selling point and prefere solid viewing window.

    I use some Magpul magazines in .308....but stay away from any such with viewing windows.

    I don't know of people who've had problems with these viewing window type magazines..but it is only instinct which tells me to stay away from preference.


    Not an Ishmaelite.
  7. Ken S LaTrans

    Ken S LaTrans Active Member

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    Agreed. I have some PMags with the window...but all the ones I buy are the solid variety. It's a personal preference thing. Ultimately, I don't give a shit how many rounds I have in my magazine. Shooting a magazine dry is a fact of life in a fight, and nothing to get worked up over. I can reload my rifle really fast after 30 years of doing it. Besides...when you know the platform as well as I develop a feel for what your round count is.
  8. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    You know Ken...that is a good point and one for which one day I was startled to realize some people had no clue.

    Many years ago..I took a woman to a class to qualify her for a concealed carry permit here in Virginia.

    I did not need to take the course as I have a DD 214 but took it nonetheless in support of her as she was very nervous over the whole business.

    But as an Apartment manager she needs concealed carry more than do I.

    Nonetheless..come shooting range time....the guy in the lane next to me had one of these newer revolvers which carry seven rounds....of .357 Magnum.

    At that time I had a Taurus....357 based on the S&W 686 type frame or design..and was much accustomed to shooting it and taking a round count every time I shot.

    When a cease fire was called I knew I was with 6 empty chambers and dumped six empties into the container.

    But mentally I was also counting for the guy in the lane next to me as he was shooting much slower than was I.

    An instinct told me after cease fire was called to ask for his gun and release the cylinder catch. Sure enough he had a live one in there and did not know it. He was also, to me, very lax with his muzzle discipline...telling me he had not shot his gun very much.

    Muzzle discipline is a big time warning flag to me....

    It was a very nice gun...but with seven shots.

    Now I don't shoot my full sized AR very much ..but with my revolvers it is instinct to count my rounds when I shoot.

    It was just a bit of a shocker to realize how many people have no such clue...that the gun they are holding is not empty.
    They do not shoot sufficient to develop the instinct of round counting.

    I keep; several of those safety yellow plastic chamber flags to put in my chambers at the gun club for when the line goes cold.

    And Range Officer is a serious and very responsible position.

    Many people do not think about this too at a crowded range...either the range officers responsibilities or such things as round your gun empty?

    Oh....and at the gun club...I prefer to shoot during the the mornings when the crowds are much fewer..on the outdoor range...a range officer is there.

    And at the indoor range after midnight ..weekdays..when most people are asleep.

    This club has 24/7 on the indoor range officer required.

    I am not a big crowd person. Where the crowds are ..I tend to go the other way.
    I tend to be wary of two legged wildlife...particularly if they are undisciplined with a gun. ....or for that matter ...any tool.

    Oh..and before I forget...I do not regret taking the concealed course with this woman.

    There is more to carrying concealed than most people tend to realize..particularly in the legal aspects of it.

    If stopped by LEOs I extend the courtesy of letting them know I am carrying concealed.
    I don't know if it shows up...when they run your bondfides...from your license or registration but none of them has ever indicated so to me.

    Nonetheless no one needs any surprises or such...when stopped.

    There seems to be more women carrying concealed now days than I recall in past years.

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  9. Ken S LaTrans

    Ken S LaTrans Active Member

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    Casa Latrans Plate Array.png Casa Latrans Range 2.png Casa Latrans Range.png Casa Latrans Range Poppers.png Plate Rack 1.png My range is my back yard....out to 500 meters.
  10. Mauser'sDaDa

    Mauser'sDaDa Member

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    One AR-15 magazine I donot recommend is the HERA. Why? Because it has a loose part that you could and disable your magazine, too. For metal AR-15 mags, ASC Black Marlube stainless with orange Magpul style followers. They have passed insertion/removal tests from my M&P 15 Sport 2. Polymer mags? Hexmag Series 2. 100% reliable and passed insertion /removal tests with the aforementioned AR-15, too. Donot buy the steel magazines MAKO sells the AR-15. They are sticky in my AR's mag well. Hope this helps.
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