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  1. Aneye4theshot

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    Sometimes the situation can occur of a power outage for you while your next door neighbor has power. This is because of the way city grids are designed. If you are in good standings with your neighbor, there is a chance that you could just run an extension cord and pull power from their dwelling but in a lot of cases, this will not be possible. If you have a neighbor close by or a neighbor that will let you plug into their house, temporarily you could use different means such as a generator. When using the generator, you have to be careful to the amount of watts that you are using and the extension cord. Your average extension cord for outdoor use is only rated at around 1200 watts. This means you do not want to have more than 1200 watts of energy passing through the court at any one time to safely maintain the working condition of your cord. Unfortunately, that does not make room for a lot of common appliances.
    A space heater, for example, an average uses 1500 watts of electricity and can overload a basic cord. If you do not have the choice of pulling power from your neighbor or from a generator, there are other options. When it comes to methods of obtaining power, you only have a few basic options. Solar, wind, water or hydro, and fuel powered are pretty much your options when it comes to alternate power sources. Also, a great emergency backup for charging things like phones is your car. Some vehicles can be equipped with an adapter or power inverter that will also allow you to plug in small items such as a laptop or other electronic device to get power. If you are the science type power can be generated from potatoes, static electricity, and even magnets. However, this form of harnessing power is typically not within the grasp or realms of the average person.
  2. Arkane

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    Except for the AIR-CON I have a generator to run the whole house and fuel for about 300hrs use
    Yet for short term outages I have an inverter installed in my vehicle connected to a secondary battery
    that I can run lights tv etc from for up to 12hrs!
    No solar here due to excessive shade.
  3. lonewolf

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    I have a simpler remedy, just learn to do without electricity, I have done it before and I will do it again.
    electricity is fairly new in the scope of human history, for millions of years humans lived without electricity.
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  4. Arkane

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    I can do without but I choose not to!
    I just can't live without my hairdryer, curler, vibrater, microwave, coffee machine, ipod, radio, cd player, dvd player, epilady etc etc !

    In the PA world things like hot water, flush toilet, light at the flick of a switch, the ding of the microwave, a tv/radio/cd/dvd player
    hair dryer curling wands etc will be status symbols and any man unable to supply will have a hard time getting or keeping a female mate!
    As if you can not supply the above you will be considered a LOOSER!

    women will not change, now generally if a bloke can not maintain an income enough to supply a womans needs she will bugger off and hook up with a man who can!
    The same has always applied and will always apply! long time couples usually have the stamina to weather that storm but younger couples are not so set!
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  5. lonewolf

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    that is one of the most stupidest statements I have ever heard nonetheless it is mostly true, most of the population will not be able to live without electricity so expect the suicide rate to explode.
  6. Arkane

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    Simply put most females are more attached to there little comforts/luxuries than there husbands!
    and with todays feminist conditioning any bloke who cant supply is a loser!
    Just because an Apocalypse is in progress she is still worth it!

    How many wives wont go camping without flush toilets, electricity, TV, mobile phone/internet and hot showers?

    One friends now ex-wife would not go near any toilet but her own, after five days flooded away from home she collapsed in acute pain!
    After an air-ambulance to a base hospital it was found she was just constipated from holding it in!
    Next day after the waters finally receded enough to travel her husband an I made it to the hospital worried sick
    when he was told it was voluntary constipation he laughed so much he collapsed and needed oxygen himself!
    Embarrised wifey witnessed all and refused to go home when released from hospital and went to mothers
    Divorse papers arrived a year later, hubby never saw wifey again!

    All because no toilet but her own was good enough for her!
    Stupid world, Crazy shit!
  7. lonewolf

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    when the power goes down and the water mains do the same a lot of people like the above are in for one big shock.
  8. Offthegrid

    Offthegrid New Member

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    One thing we found indispensable while we were in our new home without power, waiting for our solar system to be installed, was a portable solar generator. It was about the size of a small suitcase and weighed about 12lbs. Open it up and leave it sitting in the sun to charge it. Then you can charge small necessities like batteries, cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. It allowed us to keep a supply of batteries available for flashlights and lanterns so we didn't have to stumble around in the dark at night, and to always have our cell phones charged.
  9. Noxictimes

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    Hi. I do prefer solar systems .. but in the winter it can be insufficient with a small sized panel. A while ago i came across this mini powerplant. That can be made handmade diy. The cost to make is about 50 to 120 dollars it depends where you buy the necessities. In this next link you can read his story and you can buy the blueprint inclusive step by step tutorial how you buils it.
    It is really worthwhile and it is quite easy to make if you follow the steps and the energy storage is awesome.

    I really love to see you guys reaction aboit this machine. I am pretty pleased about it.
  10. lonewolf

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    i'm not to bothered about power especially post SHTF, as long as I've got heat and light i'm good to go.
  11. watcherchris

    watcherchris Master Survivalist

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    A man capable of thinking for himself...needs to dump a woman like this..for she is "High Maintenance."

    Ignorant High Maintenance women are not difficult to find ...they are everywhere.

    They expect someone else to take on the responsibility of taking the "RISK" out of life for taking advantage of socicl customs....not equality beliefs or standards.

    In order to so do...they also expect someone else to make themselves "Expendable and Disposable " in order for the "RISK " to be taken out of life for them and their children.

    This is the formula right out of Cosmopolitan magazine..."I'm worth it the others aren't."

    Or put another way....equality means I can con someone else into taking the risk out of life for me while I only have to look pretty and be "Flashdanced " through life's difficulties by someone else's risk taking.

    This is feminism's definition of equality.

    You can have it all but someone else needs to pay and take risks for it.

    This is also the leftist/socialists definition of society and how it should be structured....freebees provided someone else pays for and "RISKS" for it.

    It is also a definition of involuntary servitude.

    High Maintenane women are everywhere. They are not difficult to find. This is not equality.

    When the SHTF ....a high maintenance woman is going to rapidly outlive or out use her value in the marketplace next to her expenditures....costs. The Difference will become immediately acute and visible.

    When I offered my next door neighbors...a power chord from my generator...his wife wanted him to get the air conditioner running instead of protecting their refrigerated food. This was after Hurricane Isabelle years ago.

    Same thing with my friend across the river after the same Hurricane and his generator. His wife too wanted the air conditioning running first. Nothing about their refrigerated or frozen food preservation. She too was more concerned with her immediate comfort levels.

    Both of these women were "High Maintenance" and subject to getting the real priorities backwards...for their comfort.

    As a matter of fact and in addition to his friend across the river too gave a power chord to one of his neighbors. When his generator began stalling...or overloading...he went outside to check it out and found out that another neighbor, several houses over, had plugged in several lengths of extension chord to his generator without asking and was overloading his generator. He unplugged the chord and threw it over the fence.

    This is how ignorant and feminine some people out here are....they can get ready for tonight's television program but not ready for hard times or such difficulties as a hurricane.
    That fellow who plugged in the chord without asking is also feminine a woman.....for he took for granted his social emergency "Entitlement" without asking. Took his Entitlement for granted...that someone else automatically bore the cost and expenditures...."The RISKS" gratis!! This idiot could have damaged my friends generator and all of them would have been without electricity. No thinking going on ..only Entitlement Beliefs!

    Neither of these women bought the generator nor had any clue as to how to gas them up nor maintain them...but wanted to dictate the usage by female/feminism equality defaults.

    As a man you have to be smarter than this and not be taken for granted by any woman or anyone else that your goal in life is not to run touchdowns or to the goal post for them constantly by sports conditioning...thus making yourself "Expendable and disposable."

    My friend across the river was not expendable or disposable because others had not prepared.


    With a generation of men raised today and primarily by women.....high maintenance men are also not difficult to find.

    The problem is that socially woman wants to take on a man with higher maintenance requirements than they or they and matter what equality or feminism says.

    That position you are describing is social/political gaslighting. It is a lie and deception and depends on a man being ignorant about the nature of many things.

    The most valuable commodity any good woman brings to a"Peace".....not Piece.

    Peace requires way way more commitment from a woman than Piece.

    And this is true in good times or bad...

    If all you can do is constantly run touchdowns or to the goal posts for a high maintenance are a loser.

    Get rid of such an woman ..good times or bad....for they will make you into a bigger loser by running touchdowns or to the goal posts for them constantly...good times or bad. This is not a definition of Peace.

    And you certainly don't want them around in SHTF or TEOTWAWKI.

    I made a mistake during Hurricane Isabelle in thinking that I was being a good person in taking in a lot of people who had no provisions or a generator. All I did was take on burdens for "High Maintenance " people who carried on without thinking or realizing conditions had changed. They still expected someone else to put the comfort goods in front of them without work and without risk.

    I will not be doing that again...and have since updated my generator from 4000 watts to 7500 watts and also have two 1200 watt smaller generators while also still keeping my original 4000 watt generator.
    I also have a 1200 watt inverter for my truck.

    I have since learned important lessons about the nature of high maintenance people...male and female both.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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  12. lonewolf

    lonewolf Moderator Staff Member

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    whats that post got to do with "alternative power sources"?? keep to topic please.
  13. watcherchris

    watcherchris Master Survivalist

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    I think you are addressing that question to Arkane right???
  14. lonewolf

    lonewolf Moderator Staff Member

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    nope, your the one that went on about high mainteinance women.
  15. watcherchris

    watcherchris Master Survivalist

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    Ahhh..Ok...I see...thanks for clarifying that for me lonewolf.

    From my post....of which you seem want to disagree...

    We seem to be somewhat selective in how we think...or try to point out..

    But I got it now..and thanks for making that point clear for me and the readers out here who know the difference.

    As you and others can tell...I have no interest in PC nonsense as I have learned over the years that it is a con job for putting the maintenance costs onto other people and for some RISK.

    For those not able to think in depth on certain topics....having alternate power sources brings with it, in certain emergency situations, social and political risks.

    Here in America...under certain conditions ...FEMA can take your generators you have purchased and stocked up on fuel and take them for their social/political uses..leaving you with nothing.

    People who do not have can take your alternate power sources too.
    I took great pains at my house to weld a heavy duty home madebracket to a heavy duty thick pipe and drove it deep into the ground with a sledge hammer. To this bracket as well as my generator I fastened a heavy chain ..not with a lock but with double heavy nuts, bolt, and thick washers. Same thing at my parents house.
    This to protect my generator from two legged wildlife.

    For I taught myself how to pick locks and make lock picks ...and am familiar with that side of the house.

    This happened in Hurricane Isabelle in this town when the city put up a generator to power a stop light system at a very busy intersection. Someone stole the generataor. I am certain that the individual or individuals plural who stole the generator had plenty of time and monies to watch television ,. buy tickets to concerts, sports games..etc etc etc et al.
    But no time or money to buy their own generator.

    And then there is the issue of social/gender beliefs and default settings behind these politics with the assumption/default that someone else is responsible for running the touchdown or to the goal posts for someone else's comfort at the risk of life and limb.

    There are social and political consequences of owning an alternate power source...

    This is what Arkane was alluding to and I merely fleshed it out more extensively.

    This seems want to give matter how true it is.

    In my ignorance I did not realize this when I took in people during Hurricane Isabelle.
    I have verily and since learned this lesson.

    I also did not add to the story that during the days after Hurricane Isabelle..I took my 4000 watt generator to my parents house in the daytime to charge up their refrigerator and freezer and then back to my house at night to do the same.

    None of these people I had at my home were any help with this. This is also why I now have four generators instead of the one 4000 watt one.

    Twice during the 10 days we were without power..I also found time to change the oil in my 4000 watt it has no oil filter as does my 7500 watt model.

    NO help there as well.

    You learn things about people...quickly during crisis for which good times tends to hide from us. You come quickly awake about the nature of many people thusly.

    It was the same awakening I was describing when at work we were doing that pressure test and were at some 8000 PSI and going to 13,800 PSI max. That fellow in our crew was ducking down behind a tool cabinet...affrighted.

    I knew then I would never want such an person with me after a hurricane or such crisis or danger...or a difficult, dangerous, and demanding job.
    And I have had to tell my boss..that I don't want certain people on certain jobs...because of this very thing....confidence is lacking in that person.

    People who have seriously put their backside on the line for their monies learn this instinctively.

    People who have never done such tend to live in the world of "Options and Comfort" provided someone else pre stages it all for them such that they never have to suffer discomfiture...or inconvenience.
    And It shows in a crisis situation quickly...those who can think and adapt and those who expect others to think and adapt for them.

    And this is the lesson coming out of power generation after Hurricane Isabelle for me and my friend about Males and females both and also about the nature of running touchdowns and or goals.

    My thanks to all for their posts,

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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  16. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    I have a generator for the short term power outages that are fairly common when you live in the woods in a place that has occasional hurricanes. I only have it to keep the freezers frozen and power the TV to keep up with things and charge the various android things. This is for the non-end of the world things. If nobody else has power I don't want to attract the attention that having power will bring. You wouldn't believe how quiet it is when the power stops and the cars stop rolling!! After Rita we were without power for a week or so and the roads were either blocked or there was no gas so people were not going anyplace. Stores now can't operate without power because nobody can add up things without a cash register. It was dead quiet and at night the skies were BLACK. In the event of TEOTWAWKI lighting up a generator and turning on the lights would be like chumming for sharks before you went swimming.

    I plan on getting a small solar system that will charge a 12 volt battery and use it for minimal LED lighting that you won't be able to see outside. In the long run I will prefer to adapt to living with what is available rather than trying to maintain a lifestyle that is no longer sustainable.

    Off topic, Arkane, you need to upgrade the women you hang with. Most of the ladies in my life and circle are more than capable of roughing it and like to camp, hunt, and fish. If you chose to go with a trophy wife that is all looks and no depth then that is just what you have. You can do better. The women that you think are like that are just getting away with what their men are letting them do. In my experience when the going gets tough most women drop the silly stuff and get tough right along with you.
  17. watcherchris

    watcherchris Master Survivalist

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    Speaking of alternate power sources..

    One of the things I do as a licensed to keep olde car batteries in my garage which still work...also I have deep cell batteries...and trickle chargers.

    After Hurricane Isabelle...I put one of my car batteries in the floor of my home on a plywood board. To this I attached the power lines from a 2 meter amateur mobile radio.

    I have also taught myself to make my own VHF/UHF dual band antennas....even a portable roll up antenna.

    I took an olde fishing pole and threw a line over one of my tree limbs near the window where was located this battery. Then I hoisted up a temporary roll up portable antenna I had previously made.

    The mobile 2 meter radio was hooked up to the battery and thus I had power for this radio and one of my roll up portable emergency antennas. This radio was capable of putting out 50 watts but for conservation purposes I was able to crank it back to about 10 watts...and do most of what need doing around here. When I was not home or busy..I turned off this radio...thus saving battery power.

    With this alternate power source I was able to reach other hams. This became important in learning what places had electricity and were selling gasoline. I did not have to do what many other people did with less thinking going on and even fewer preparations/options. I found out where gasoline was available without having to burn up gasoline to find gasoline.

    But for several days I burned up the gasoline in my cars and truck ...augmenting the gas I had stored in four 5 gallon cans...this before I had to find alternate sources.

    It was interesting to me to learn of how many people had to burn up valuable gas to find gasoline.

    This is what this alternate 12 volt power source did for me combined with my ham radio and home made antenna.

    Another thing I do is to occasionally buy a 40 pack of AA type batteries. These batteries are used in my Mag Lites as well as several of my portable radios...even my Multi band short wave set...with single sideband capability. A Tecsun 660 shortwave set. All of these are selected with the same battery type in mind...Type AA battery.

    I currently have in a special cabinet three 40 packs of AA batteries.

    If you do this a parent or need to be very careful with children and grandchildren...that they do not take or use up your batteries....and then when an emergency comes you have zero balance in AA batteries in your preps....
    You have become a "Victim" of the high maintenance battery bandito.

    Children and Grand children today have all kinds of games and toys which use up batteries aplenty and expect someone else to keep them coming.

    You need to keep your batteries away from this chaos and ready for real emergencies....not for play time.

    Your goal here is "For Emergencies"...not for play time.

    Ahhhhhh Texdanm.....yes...Trophy..wife or woman...that is the word for which I was struggling and settling for High Maintenance.

    Thanks for reminding me. Oh...and I agree with your premise and I know women who can hang with the men.....good times and bad. I am proud of these women...and consider it a privilege as well as a pleasure/honor to know them.


    Not an Ishmaelite.
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  18. watcherchris

    watcherchris Master Survivalist

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    I had to laugh at myself and the boards on the trend and direction of this thread ....once I read this other thread here on the board....very interesting and telling when comparing the two....

    I cannot help the irony going on here.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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