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    Good evening all,

    HHS Sec Alex Azar mixes up use of words "fear" and "panic" along with the concepts creating both words.

    Yes, regular flu is dangerous and can be deadly as the statistics show. Yet, HHS requires no flu vaccinations even as a quid pro quo requirement to receive a welfare check. I shop at stores like Walmart at time with few customers for fear of infection; no panic involved.

    The events allowing for panics is the high-profile responses to the corona virus epidemic in China. The airport screenings - all good - not used for flu cases; just corona virus events.

    The US is not set up to handle routine medical exams of a population. What if the corona virus scare from China becomes a pandemic ? Sell off an aircraft carrier and a big state's public university buildings to buy trailer clinics... ?

    Meanwhile, there's no panic - but fear that someone going to Walmart runs the red light and there's a crash at the same place it happened at the day before.

    Running a red light is akin to not maintaining one's health.

    It's less about public health and more so about desperately-needed governmental rehabilitation.
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    ~~ I have a book that describes this kind of situation!

    Just posted a thread in the books section >>HERE<< with it included!
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    I just got done reading Trump's proclamation at Glad he signed it. That is a huge step in my opinion at preventing that crap from becoming a more person to person pandemic in this country.

    I've heard it will be anywhere from 6 months to a year before a vaccine is produced. In the meantime, I've been wearing a face mask in the store since I read at the CDC website that it appears as of this post the spread is through respiratory droplets. Though, I've heard that masks aren't that effective, but they should block respiratory droplets, right? At the CDC website they weren't sure yet if you can become infected via contact or not. I guess this is dubbed a "novel" virus so it's a spin off from the coronavirus family which can be found in camels, cats and bats.

    China really needs to have a better USDA equivalent. Good grief!
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