Increasing Low Milk Supply

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    it is proven that breastfeeding is very beneficial for both babies and mothers :
    1- it protects babies against infections and reduce the rates of later health problems including diabetes, obesity, and asthma..
    2- helps the uterus to contract and stop bleeding quickly after delivery
    but some mothers can suffer from what we call "low milk supply".
    so today i will share with you some natural recepies that will help you increase breast milk :
    1. Dip few Fenugreek seeds (Menthi) in water for few hours, then boil it till the seeds are smooth and this can be taken with Milk after delivery helps to increase breast milk.
    2. Use of Black gram (Urad) in any form like dal, idli, etc helps in increasing breast milk.
    3. Drinking Carrot juice regularly helps to increase breast milk.
    4. Eating raw Onion along with meals helps to increase breast milk.
    5. Eating Roasted Cumin seeds (Jeera) with Sugar twice a day after delivery helps to increase breast milk.
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    Member Pragmatist posted this forum thread >>HERE<< Did you get to take the course yet? It's actually pretty good, although there are not a lot of statistics out there....
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